Procedure For Getting Private Student Loans Without Cosigner

Most of the school and college students used to rely on the government loans to cover their high educational costs. These graduate Student loans come under the category of student loans no cosigner. When the student is not able to cover their high educational costs with the federal student loan they ought to take up the private student loans.

These private loans are offered by the banks. When it comes to take up the private student loans it is good to take up the private student loans without cosigner. As the student just enters into the school or college probably they will not have any credit history. So the bank will require you a cosigner with good credit scores to provide these private loans for you. When the student defaulted on the loan repayment the cosigner will be responsible to repay the loan.

However if you are a student who have started to live in your own since when you turned 16 probably it is like you have already build up the good credit scores. Students fall under this category can able to get private student loan without a co-signer.

To apply for student loan, student will be required

  • Photocopy of the recently paid federal income tax return
  • 2 Copies of recent paychecks
  • Recent credit card bills
  • photocopies of checking and saving account statements
  • Photocopies of any other loan statements if you have any.


For those students who are just going to take their first private student loans without cosigner following instructions will be very useful.

To get private student loan no cosigner you need to prove your bank that you have a sufficient monthly income with very low level of debt. You can do that by producing the above mentioned financial documents to your bank.

If you have any previous employment you can request your employer to give a certificate on behalf of you starting that you are working under him with good standing.  Ensure he dint miss to mention the tenure how long you have been working for him. You are going to apply for student loan without any cosigner. So your bank will be interested in knowing whether you can repay your private student

Try to contact the bank which offers private student loans without cosigner. They will let you the requirements and procedures in detail.

Allow your lender or banker to have an access to your credit report. It will provide them a 3 digit credit score. When your score is more than 620 then chances for getting qualified for the private Student loans no cosigner become really high. Not only for student loan programs, this procedure is followed everywhere. So if you have a clean credit history by making on time payment of your credit card bills, car loan bills and all other utility bills you are likely to have a solid credit score.

Do not forget to sign in all the required documents which need to be attached along with your student loan application.


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