Top 3 ways To get personal loan for bad credit

We are all well aware of the importance of maintaining a good credit score. As the economy got worsened nearly every bank and financial institutions have started to demand high credit score for providing their loans .so people have started to think like getting business or personal loans for poor credit have become like nearly impossible. If you believe so, it’s time to re analyze the possibilities now. You can actually get personal loan for bad credit or poor credit but the thing is you should be willing to pay off the high interest rates.

How to get personal loan for bad credit?

  • Getting the loan with the bad credit or poor credit is not as simple as getting the loan with the good credit score. So before considering the personal loans for poor credit       option you need to improve your 3 digit credit score as much as you can. You can start the process by getting your credit report from all three credit bureaus. You can get the report at free of cost once a year. Check the report for inaccuracies. If you spot any errors in the report you can write to the respective credit bureau which have compiled the report and ask them to clear your error. Even if it is a minor one it still matters. You need to find the legitimate ways to improve your credit score within short span of time. There are many things which can make your credit score to fluctuate even to some hundreds of points within few weeks. Learn those factors and boost your credit score.
  • Collect the important documentation like your salary, address proofs, your assets, recent tax documents and your SSN.
  • If you want to get bad credit personal loans guaranteed approval if you want to take up the traditional way you can approach the bank. But remember you need to pay the very high interest rates. One other way to secure personal loan for bad credit    is through Community loan websites. Have you heard of it? In these sites loans are provided by users to other users. One such community site is When you enter into the site it will ask you to enter your social security number. Based on your input it will pulls out credit score and it will rank you from the  A++ credit to F. Even when you’re ranking falls at C or some poor credit ranking, you can secure the personal loans for poor credit but you will need to pay as high as 20% interest rates. Since the lender who is going to provide the loan is another user you need to tell them why you need this loan and your story too. If they satisfied and you are okay with the high interest personal loan you can take up the loan. On your repayment the other user will get back his/ her money along with the interest rates.
  • Second option which provides bad credit personal loans guaranteed approval is cash advance stores. When you approach these stores for loan you just need to bring last 2 to 3 pay stubs plus your any of the identity. When you get the loan from these stores you can get the loan easily but for every $100 you get you will need to pay $10/ month. So when it comes for repayment it is like you will pay in double of the principle amount.
  • The third option which provides personal loan for bad credit is title loans. To get a loan in this method you need to own a car under your name. The lender will provide you the money based on your car value.


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